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As to any queries you may have on fees, please find some examples and explanations below. As a tax consultant, I am obliged to base my fees and charges on the German Decree on Tax Consultants’ Fees [StBVV].

Fee options

  1. Initial advice is not expensive – your first consultation will cost a maximum of € 190.00 plus statutory rate of VAT-
  2. Time-based fee – for enquiries or meetings, based on Section 13 StBVV. The fee per half-hour or part thereof is € 75.00 plus the statutory rate of VAT.
  3. Value-based fees – the preparation of, for example, annual financial statements or an income tax return can be based on value pursuant to Section 10 StBVV.
  4. Flat fees – can be arranged for ongoing services such as financial accounting. These depend on the services you require.
  5. Expenses pursuant to Section 16- 17 StBVV (e.g. postage, telephone and photocopying costs) – depending on the expenses involved, a charge between € 20.00 and up to a maximum of 20% of the fees plus the statutory rate of VAT will be applied.