Saving taxes is only ever one objective,
never the ultimate objective!

Our primary aim is to offer clients qualified, comprehensive tax and business management consulting through personal advice and support.

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Unternehmen online schafft individuelle Möglichkeiten der Zusammenarbeit. Der Schlüssel ist der digitale Belegaustausch. Sie scannen Belege und übertragen sie ins DATEV-Rechenzentrum. Dort stehen die digitalisierten Belege und Dokumente für Sie und uns zentral zur Verfügung. Wir übernehmen relevante Buchungsinformationen direkt in den Buchungssatz. Ihnen steht mit Unternehmen online ein System für den kompletten kaufmännischen Prozess und eine Lösung für die Personalabteilung zur Verfügung.

We render solutions

Tax Consulting for Individuals

• Income tax returns for all types of income
• Income tax returns for individuals with limited tax liability
• Tax structuring advice on homebuyers’ allowance, homeowners’ child allowance, application procedure
• Advice on selecting and optimising tax categories
• Advice on child allowance matters and application procedure
• Preparation of “if-then analyses” with various tax models
• Special issues relating to capital investments
• Protecting clients’ fiscal interests through contestations/actions before the tax courts
• Developing a long-term strategy for asset planning and pension provision, with consideration of fiscal aspects
• Inheritance and capital-transfer tax returns

Tax Consulting for Businesses

• Sole proprietorships (trade and self-employed)
• Partnerships – Fiscal advice on optimum legal structure
• Preparation of tax returns (corporation tax, turnover tax, trade tax returns, separate and joint assessments)
• Protecting clients’ fiscal interests through contestations/actions before the tax courts
• Performing and supporting external audits
• Advice on changes of corporate form, restructuring, selling and winding up of companies
• Running financial accounting, monthly, quarterly or annual analyses, preparing advance returns on turnover tax using Elster (German electronic tax return system), preparing EU recapitulation statements, business analyses or abridged business reports as needed

Annual Financial Statements

• Balance sheet, income statement
• Report with notes for companies that are obliged to draw up accounts
• Cash-basis accounting for small businesses and freelancers
• Fixed-asset recording and accounting
• Detailed end-of-year discussion based on available figures, complete with analysis and planning
• Preparation of interim financial statements and balance sheets for division of property among members of a partnership
• Advice and support for self-employed professionals and tradespersons who prepare their own accounts
• Preparation of financial statements using state-of-the-art software
• Limited-liability company disclosures

Business Start-up Consultancy

• Selection of suitable legal structure
• Notification and registration requirements
Application for business-start-up subsidies, grants and governmental financial aid
• Corporate planning in the form of expenses and disbursement planning
• Profit planning, capital requirements planning and finance planning
• Business plan support
• Expert opinions

Asset Management and Succession Consultancy   

• Fiscal aspects of inheritance and endowment projections
• Company succession, change of ownership generation
• Tax consultancy for last wills and testaments
• Neutral tax consultancy for investment model analyses (no mediation)
• Assistance in selecting capital investments, real-estate investments

Business Consultancy

• General business consultancy
Liquidity planning, short-range income statement
• Cost accounting, controlling
• Analyses, expert reports, cost-benefit analyses
• Sector comparisons

Financing Consultation

• Determining optimum financing options
• Investment and financing advice
• Support during loan negotiations
 Support for preparing for Basel II (rating)
• Support during loan negotiations for company formations, expansions, and restructurings
Review of banks’ calculations in terms of individual effects
Identifying suitable subsidy programmes 
and current interest terms


• Preparation of monthly payroll statements using modern software (DATEV)
• Filing of the necessary registrations/deregistrations with social insurers
• Applications for continuation of salary
• Gross/net calculations


As to any queries you may have on fees, please find some examples and explanations below. As a tax consultant, I am obliged to base my fees and charges on the German Decree on Tax Consultants’ Fees [StBVV].

Fee options:

1. Initial advice is not expensive – your first consultation will cost a maximum of € 190.00

2. Time-based fee – for enquiries or meetings, based on Section 13 StBVV. The fee per half-hour or part thereof is € 75.00 plus the statutory rate of VAT.

3. Value-based fees – the preparation of, for example, annual financial statements or an income tax return can be based on value pursuant to Section 10 StBVV.

4. Flat fees – can be arranged for ongoing services such as financial accounting. These depend on the services you require.

5. Expenses pursuant to Section 16- 17 StBVV (e.g. postage, telephone and photocopying costs) – depending on the expenses involved, a charge between € 20.00 and € 40.00 up to a maximum of 20% of the fees plus the statutory rate of VAT will be applied.

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About Us

Our team has continually grown  over more than  twelve years and has kept qualifying itself. We offer a broad range including  a tax adivsor, master, assistant tax advisor, apprentices, accountant, business economists, and interns.

Elke Garreis

Tax Consultant

Core areas: tax advice national & international
Language: German, English